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Mission Statement: American Interactive's goal is to maintain a level of training quality and attention to customer satisfaction that far exceeds its competition. Through constant customer feedback and giving our trainers the freedom to design their own courseware and the resources to do so American Interactive's ultimate goal of exceeding its customers expectations is achieved.

Company History: American Interactive was founded by Timothy Smith in 1997. At the beginning of 1998 Smith took a job with Wave Technologies and was put in charge of developing a two-week accelerated certification program or "bootcamp". After training Wave Technologies training staff on the new program, Smith left the company. In August of 1998, Smith resumed operations under the American Interactive name. Work with Wave continued as Smith was contracted for Wave's larger and newer contracts with Webster University and others. During this time Smith developed a new Microsoft certification program based on customer feedback.

The new and vastly improved certification system was finished by early 1999 and first used to deliver one of the largest bootcamp contracts to date. Amdahl/DMR and ICL Retail of the Fijitsu family delivered our program at multiple sites through a training partner (PPI Canada) with near 100% success rates. At this time trainer Jay Cline was hired (from Boston University) and immediately became involved in Microsoft courseware development.

In April of 2000, American Interactive was contacted to certify Boston University Corporate Education Centers IT Department. Soon after, Boston University acquired our services for resale purposes and begin offering our bootcamps to the public fourth quarter of 2000. In late 2000, American Interactive was running both Microsoft and CiscoŽ bootcamps through Boston University's Corporate Education Center with such high success rates that long waiting lists became commonplace. Jay Cline became the lead Microsoft trainer and developer at this time, while Tim Smith handled all CiscoŽ development and deployment. Other contracts of note were with General Dynamics (CiscoŽ train the trainer) and on-site work with the US Marines in Okinawa (CiscoŽ and Microsoft bootcamps).

In early 2001, Toby Smith was hired (from Boston University) and was involved in CiscoŽ training and development and would go on to become our lead CiscoŽ trainer in charge of our entire CiscoŽ program. American Interactive continued to deliver bootcamps through Boston University's Corporate Education Center for another four and half years.

American Interactive has spent most of the last eight years starting up other training providers accelerated certification programs by providing complete turn-key services. At no time did American Interactive ever sell any rights to any of its programs. The only way to acquire our training using our materials is to buy directly from us. While in most cases the companies we provided services to did not have bootcamp programs before contacting us, many continue to offer bootcamp programs to this day. We are no longer affiliated with these programs in any way. Any material that mentions we are currently partnered with any company to provide certification services is false.


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