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  American Interactive's severn day CompTIA Security+ and Network+ Bootcamp is a lab intensive class designed to certify and give your employees the advanced skills needed to workIn the IT industry. Everything you need to get certified is covered as your instructor goes over every line of our custom test preparation material, the most thorough and updated in the industry.

1) Money back guarantee - If after the first day you are not 100% satisfied with the course we will issue a 100% refund. Simply return all class materials and books at the end of the first class day and let your trainer know you will not be continuing the course. You are also welcome to audit (repeat the class) if you feel the need, contact us for more details.

2) Class size limited to 12 students - Others run classes with 16-24 students. Itís not the number of trainers thatís important, itís the number of students.

3) No cancellations - If American Interactive cancels your class for any reason we will either refund your FULL payment with an additional $1000 or you may reschedule your class and receive an additional $1000 discount. Starting June 1st 2006 all classes are guaranteed to run! Many others keep re-scheduling until they have full classes. American Interactive will run your class with very low enrollment if necessary as we realize your time is valuable.*

4) Unlimited exam vouchers - We stand behind our training and feel the student should not have any additional out of pocket expenses. We cover all training costs. In the event you fail an exam we will pay for you to take the exam again (exams normally cost 150-300 a piece).

** Please call for details.

5) Books and online mentoring - American Interactive will shippre-classroom books which are yours to keep (except in the case of refund/cancel). You will also have access to YOUR trainer before, during and after the class via the online mentoring system. Other providers use contract trainers so this is not possible with their services.

6) Experienced trainer - Toby Smith teaches ALL American Interactive Ciscoģ public offerings. Mr. Smith has been teaching Ciscoģ boot camps since April of 2001 for American Interactive. Mr. Smith also writes all the custom courseware used in class and updates the courseware before each and every class we offer. Mr. Smith will also be your mentor before, during and after class.

7) Company Experience - American Interactive has been writing and delivering boot camps since late 1997 (first in the industry). We have handled some of the largest accounts in the industry including Boston University, General Dynamics, the US Marines and others.

8) Repeat and referral business - Due to the quality of our courses, the package we offer and price American Interactive has a repeat and referral rate of over 85%.

9) Custom courseware - We donít rely on outdated third party test preparation material or "brain dumps". We have been writing our own material since the beginning. Your trainer wrote the material used in class and updates it before each delivery.

10) Price - After eight years we have just started offering classes directly to the public so our prices are very low. This introductory offer may end at any time.

Student Comments:

I recently completed my CCNP after taking my MCSE with you guys. I wanted to let you know how satisfied I was with my training. I was referred to American Interactive by a friend who works for the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston. Everything he had told me about you guys was dead on. Since they use you guys for certification training and AI being the only company to offer a money back guarantee after I took the first test I decided to give bootcamps another try.

There are many things I liked but nothing comes close to how impressed I was with your trainers. I can honesty say it makes a huge difference having trainers that are not contractors and who write the material themselves. Jay and Toby are the best trainers I have seen in 22 years of IT training. Its also the first time I have taken a class where the trainers not only work for the company i took the training at but have done so for well over five years. It shows.

Unfortunately I took my CCNA with another provider. No books, no mentoring, no guarantees and despite the promises of 100% passing NO ONE passed the test the first time and 2 re-takes cost me another $250. This might of had something to do with the fact we had 24 students in class! What really bothered me was they had no actual equipment at the training center. While looking for my CCNP I noticed only two companies that actually had equipment and only you guys were authorized by Cisco. I was extremely impressed with the equipment used. With an eight student max I figured I may have a better shot this time around.

After being burned elsewhere I decided to take your MCSE before the CCNP. I figured with the money back guarantee I could leave and get my money back this time around. After the first test I was hooked!

You guys really do have a no risk package that offers far more then any of the other companies I have looked at. I also appreciated a web site that has all the information I needed without signing up for spam. No pressure sales is another thing I would keep up. When calling around it was also nice to speak with trainers and even your CEO.

I now understand why most of my class was repeat customers as I plan to send several people your way. Thanks again and keep up the good work. I only wish you had more class offerings that I need. I would not hesitate a second to give you guys a call.

-Tom Corcoran

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