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Why AI? - In a nutshell: American Interactive focuses on our trainers, custom classroom material and equipment. We have been in business for ten years providing training to some of the largest corporate contractors, both civilian and military, major universities and large training companies. Now we can offer that same service at a lower price directly to your employees at our corporate rates. With American Interactive, you get your training from the company that started it all; a company that teaches based on its own custom material and trainers. Our trainers are involved with each student from the time they sign up until the course is completed. Your trainer will mentor you before the class, be your trainer in class, and writes the material you are using in class.

Most experienced bootcamp trainers: American Interactive trainers have been developing and delivering accelerated certification training for ten years.We do not outsource our training to contractors, which has become the norm for most of the industry. Our trainers work exclusively with American Interactive and develop all the materials used. This ensures that your trainer has thorough knowledge of the material. Your success depends on the trainer, so when choosing a bootcamp provider make sure you are able to speak with the trainer that will lead your class.

Best equipment: American Interactive uses top of the laptops and/or desktop equipment that meets or exceeds Microsoft's standards for training. We also utilize operating system imaging to provide the user multiple systems for training purposes.
Most updated and advanced custom courseware: All class material (known as “the bible” to students) used by American Interactive is custom written by our trainers and is updated for every class. Many training companies use third party test prep or “brain dumps”. We do not believe in using these materials in our classroom and advise our students not use them. The material used in our class is accurate and complete and is all you will need to prepare for the exams. American Interactive trainers and material will only be available through direct sales as of July 1, 2005; we will no longer offer programs through resellers.
Online mentoring - with YOUR trainer: American Interactive provides an online forum mentored by your trainer. On the forum you will find recommended reading lists and other useful information and the ability to chat with other students and your trainer. We understand that well-prepared students make for a better class, therefore, your trainer is available before the class begins.

Longest running and most trusted bootcamps: American Interactive started accelerated certification services in 1997. Since then American Interactive has been the backbone for several major training companies providing certification bootcamps. We have delivered and/or started the bootcamp programs for Boston University Corporate Education Center, Wave Technologies, Webster University, New Horizons Boston, PPI Canada, Simply Computing, General Dynamics, Amdahl/DMR, Fijitsu, ICL Retail, the US Marines and many others. These corporate accounts involved several hundred students over dozens of classes.

Most of the training companies we provided bootcamps for had no such program before contacting us. We provided marketing, support, mentoring, trainers and materials. Instead of showing large training companies how to deliver bootcamps we are now delivering them directly to our clients with huge savings.

Testing - best retake policy in the industry: It's no wonder that testing fees are so important to people that are searching for a bootcamp provider. Everyone seems to claim 93-99% passing rates-- its a miracle! Since no company is willing to guarantee passing rates students need to pay attention to retake policies. American Interactive pays for ALL your exams until you are certified! If you fail any exam taken during your class we will pay for a second test even after you go home! If you complete the mentoring system we will even cover vouchers if you choose to come back and re-sit the class. This is something you will not find elsewhere in the industry.

Free certification test drive - get your MCP for FREE: If we have the room in class you are welcome to take the first Microsoft segment for free. This means you can sit in on the entire first Microsoft exam segment at no charge. You can decide to pay for the exam yourself at the end of the first segment and walk away a Microsoft Certified Professional on us or choose to stay (in which case we will need payment of course).

For out of town individuals we offer the same deal while guaranteeing your seat for MCSA or MCSE! After sitting the first three days of Microsoft (up to the first exam) if you are not completely satisfied we will refund your money no questions asked. Many providers offer to let you resit the class and will not give a refund, but how effective is that if the course is not written well? American Interactive allows you to try before you buy. We know you are not going to leave so we give you every chance to do so.


Guarantee: Our guarantee can not be beat, period. If you did not pass your exam(s) during an American Interactive course you may re-sit that class at no charge (except hotel & food and you will not be sent a new press book). American Interactive will even cover exam vouchers and material reprint (our material changes monthly). Yes, we cover the exam voucher if you re-sit the class!

Price! American Interactive is cutting out all the "middle men". A class that cost $7995 without hotel is now $5995 with hotel in the same city (sometimes discounts bring the price even lower). We can do this while actually spending more on material and equipment then we ever have before. Most of our business is built on repeat and referral business so we decided to go direct and build our own clientele. What does this mean to you? Top notch training at the lowest possible prices.


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